A Legacy Of Excellence

Elevate Customs’ dedication to the seamless combination of beautiful form and superior function grew out of some of my earliest personal experiences. My grandfather sculpted from wood, and I sat watching him transform tree trunks into masterpieces with skilled work and an artist’s instinct. His relationship with his materials was very intimate and personal. It taught me an appreciation for beauty.

My family also believes in the importance of playing. When you have a special space to gather and play together, you build relationships and strengthen bonds. It isn’t enough for a gaming table to be a stunning statement piece with no life in it. Our tables are meant to be used and enjoyed, not just looked at. For our work to reach its highest purpose, both function and form have to meet the most rigorous standards.

At Elevate Customs, we put love and dedication into our work to create the perfect gaming table for each individual client. We know that each of our customers has unique tastes and needs, which is why we deliver a customized experience every time. As a piece comes together, it acquires a flavor, energy, and playability you won’t find in ordinary gaming products. Each Elevate Customs masterpiece is made to be a joy to see and to play on from the first moment through years to come. We hope that the satisfaction you’ll get from your Elevate Customs table will last a lifetime.